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The Cook Islands

Fifteen islands comprise the archipelago known as the Cook Islands, in the South Pacific, including 21 small islets.

Temperatures remain warm and balmy throughout the year, rarely dropping below twenty degrees, however there is an increased likelihood of rain should you choose to travel between December and March.

Regardless of when you travel, you’re almost guaranteed to receive a warm welcome; the locals here are rated amongst the friendliest in the South Pacific, the sea is a uniform aquamarine and a myriad of villages are tucked away inside leafy jungles.

You have a few options when choosing to visit these collection of islands, which one you’ll choose will no doubt depend on your budget and your sense of adventure.

Travelling on a shoestring is difficult to do when visiting the South Pacific.

Flying to these far flung islands is rarely a cheap venture, but should you manage to make it out there on the cheap, there are some fairly reasonably priced hotels that you can stay at – that is, if you don’t mind downgrading to a 2 or 3-star standard. By avoiding the 4 or 5-star hotel resorts you’re likely to get closer to the stunning wildlife and beautiful scenery that the islands have to offer.

Should you wish to simply kick back and live the 5-star dream then there are plenty of swanky resorts that offer a heady blend of secluded luxury and attentive service, which are sure to make your average offshore banker feel right at home. Whilst you may not get to know the history or culture of these curious islands, or have the opportunity to paddle your way out to one of the many miniature islands, you’ll not find better service at any other island resort.

They might only be small, but there’s plenty to explore should you decide on spending a fortnight out on the Cook Islands.

Skomer Island, Wales

Thousands of Puffins, Only 15 People

Slightly more off-piste, in terms of your usual island paradise, Skomer Island (off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales) is an unsung treasure trove of an island – ram-packed with wildlife and gorgeous views of the coast of Wales.

skomerIt may be difficult to persuade your spouse or holiday partner to abandon their plans of a Caribbean excursion, but show them the prices and the level of opulence you could be living in, and they may soon change their tune.

Covering less than that 3 square kilometres, Skomer Island is no longer continuously inhabited. Since the 1950, when the recumbent Codd family left, the island has been a place for day trippers and holidaying couples. There are now a few decent options for staying on the island, so you have the opportunity of living the fantasy of island life for a whole weekend, if you choose!

skomer-moleThe Welsh Wildlife Organisation run a Farmhouse on the island which serves as one of the island’s only form of live-in accommodation. It sleeps 15 at a time for £35 per head, per night. Don’t expect too much privacy, because the Farmhouse is usually kept fully booked all year round. Anything from families, young couples to Ornithological Researchers could be staying in the complex at one time – the communal living areas make for a great place to meet new people and swap ghost stories!

One of the biggest draws to the island is the wildlife itself. It’s estimated, by the good people at the Wildlife Organisation that the island can house up to 6,000 pairs of puffins at any one time. If you’re struggling with the mathematics – that’s 12,000 puffins. Almost kind of scary. If that’s not enough for any budding conservationists out there, then there’s also a large colony of seals that calls Skomer home, they’re big and aren’t shy at all – providing hours of entertainment.

If you’re travelling the 25-minutes from Wales to check out more than just puffins and seals – then you won’t be disappointed. 

skomer-accommodation-blockThe lovely people of the Welsh Wildlife Organisation are always more than happy to point you in the direction of the many other species of birds and mammals, some of which are endemic to the island. Species such as the Skomer Vole, a subspecies of bank vole that can only be found on the island. Worryingly, there are estimated to be over 20,000 of the critters lying in wait – but as they don’t tend to grow beyond 12cm and only weigh 40g, they’re not likely to disrupt your night’s sleep.

Then again, if you do the mathematics, the combined length of these moles would stretch out to 2400km – that’s the diameter of Pluto. The combined weight of these moles, so unassuming by themselves, would come to around 8 tonnes. That’s the cumulative weight of a small fleet of Minis. But, no need to worry because the voles are mostly subterranean creatures, who only surface at night. So just don’t take too many night time strolls, not that they’re vicious or anything. There’s just…a lot of them, you know.

With gorgeous views, a place to stay, thousands of creatures and a bracing sea breeze – Skomer could be just the kind of alternative island getaway that you’re looking for.



Malta is not a tropical paradise, but has a more cultured, more refined beauty that all should attempt to capture.


Malta has a wonderfully warm climate so is certainly not a cold holiday, but it also offerers a unique architectural experience and a fascinating cultural journey.

Its history is fascinating: Malta has one of the highest concentrations of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, with 9 crammed on to the small island nation.

Also, wonderfully, it’s cheap to get to: You can fly from Liverpool for around £35!

Check here for details, and have a look at some offers on airport parking in Liverpool as well.


Classic! Barbados has long been synonymous with the paradise island experience.


In many ways it was Barbados that set the standard and the norm of what a paradise island holiday should include: white sandy beaches, fresh fish, run punch, crystal clear blue sea…

Sound good? We can’t really see how it can’t to be honest. What a beautiful place, and not impossibly expensive necessarily.

To break the mould, spend a night at Barbados’s very own Drive-In Cinema.


The Maldives

The Maldives have been considered one of the most romantic places in the world for a loving holiday for two for a long time now.


And they should be! This island has everything: white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, a place where women will walk on your back for a small fee, trees, a bar called ‘Touchy Joe’s!’ and more tree’s.

Consistently well received by travellers and holiday trippers, what a place for a honeymoon or just a romantic get away…

The Maldives is the flattest country in the world. There are no mountains. There are no hills. There is no elevation beyond 2.4 metres above sea level. Good Island.